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We're a Software Consulting Company Focussed on Solving Problems

At Scale.

Scalable Systems

Experience building highly concurrent and scalable engineering platforms on runtimes like Python, Clojure, Go and Erlang.

Data Visualization

Help you visualize your business and analytical data on visualization platforms such as Matplotlib/Seaborn/Plotly and Bokeh

Performance Engineering

We help you profile your code and extract the maximum performance from your software systems and services

Data Pipelines

Design high performance data pipelines for data intensive tasks like log processing, data visualization and analytics

Key People

Anand B Pillai

Founder & Director

Anand is a highly experienced technology professional with a career spanning 20 years in the industry. He is a Fellow of the Python Software Foundation (PSF) and has worked in senior architect and management roles in multiple companies including a number of start-ups since 2012, including early-stage startups from the Silicon Valley and the Boston area. He also has a strong background in Network & Information security.

Vijay Mathew

Chief Software Architect

Vijay Mathew is a software professional with a rich and varied experience in multiple roles with over 17 years in system design and engineering. Vijay most recently worked as Principal Engineer at Concur. He is an expert in Go, Clojure, Java and Scheme. He has designed and implemented a couple of Lisp inspired programming languages for fun and profit.

Our Expertise

And you can benefit from it ...

Large Scale System Design & Architecture We have many years of experience in designing, building, documenting and maintaining large software systems at scale in runtimes/programming languages including Python, C++, Go and Clojure.

Code Review, Performance Profiling & Refactoring We can undertake in-depth code reviews of your systems and figure out bottlenecks in design, code smells and runtime performance. We help you implement software engineering best-practices and undertake refactoring of code with maintainability and performance in mind.

Doman Driven Design (DDD) & DSLs With our combined decades of experience and training in formal software design techniques, we can help you implement top level domain driven design (DDD) for your system architecture. We can also help you implement Domain Specific Languages (DSL) to solve the problem of information structure and parsing for your domain specific data.

Data Pipelines and Visualization We have strong working knowledge of the data visualization and scientific computing stack in Python and can help you solve your data analysis and visualization problems. With our background in working with startups gathering data at the web scale, we can also help you implement scalable web crawling, data ingestion and processing pipelines.

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